Monday, 4 June 2012

Happy Jubilee Weekend

Happy Jubilee weekend! Whatever you did over the weekend I hope you found time to enjoy the Jubilee celebrations. The Royals have a way of dividing opinions, but personally I love to see the pomp and ceremony that Britain does so well. I love watching the UK sparkle, and feeling people coming together with big smiles on their faces, as we enjoy a long weekend full of celebrations.

I know that not everyone had these four days off, so if you’re one of the ones working I hope that the Jubilee spirit is still with you, helping you to have enjoyable work days.

Queen Elizabeth has been 60 years our Queen. She is the second longest reigning monarch; Queen Victoria reigned for 64 years. Queen Elizabeth has shown many strengths and has been a wonderful role model for the country. I admire how the Queen has put her job, the role of being Queen, first and has never shown the strain it must put on her and her family at times. She carries herself with such decorum and positivity, never moaning; she is a true British symbol. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are steadily learning the role from her and I hope will keep up the Queens’s positive energy and tireless commitment to her country.

I feel very proud to be British. With the Olympics around the corner it is wonderful to see England celebrating through these tough times of recession. It can be so easy to just look at our struggles but we have a chance to show the world that we can be united together.

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