Monday, 28 May 2012

How are You Motivated?

We are all motivated by different things. To some people money is the motivator, to others family, friends, food, laughter, environment etc.

Even the most motivated of people will have periods of feeling unmotivated. It can feel like even thinking about doing something to change our outlook seems too difficult. Sometimes life can feel like an uphill struggle, but you can find your motivation again and get started down a more positive road to change; you will be amazed at how quickly you can find that motivation once you start down that road.

So how do you find what motivates you? Spend some time with yourself and ask yourself some questions. What drives you? Is it money, career, family, holidays, time off? Are you motivated by towards motivation or away from motivation (  think carrot or stick ). Once you have the answers to this then look at your life. Are you pushing yourself where you need to, or is all your energy being used on a goal that you actually don’t really mind it you reach or not?

Money of course is motivator for us all, we need money to live, but how much do you need? Is it all about earning as much as possible or is it just earning enough to enjoy life? We are brought up with aspirations to climb the career ladder and whilst for many of us getting to the top of our career is important, for a lot of others work isn’t our driver. It can be that, recognising this, you realise that you are happy doing what you are doing, you don’t feel the need to push yourself to the top of the ladder. You are happy to earn a bit less but have less stress and be able to focus more on your life out of work.

Try it now:

Sit back and look at your life, are you putting energy into things that aren’t important to you? Can you change these things or are they things you have to do in order to head towards your goals?

Are you doing too much? How much down-time do you have? Do you give yourself time in the day to relax and enjoy the world that you have created?

Are you really excited by what you are trying to achieve? If not, why not? Can you change what you are heading towards so you are excited?

Are you a carrot or a stick person. Do you work well with towards motivation or away from motivation? Do you work well with deadlines and the pressure that brings or do you work better working toward rewards and goals.

Remember all motivation ebbs and flows, are you being realistic in how motivated you are expecting yourself to feel? If you are, then expect it and try to find a way to build on that motivation.

Set yourself mini goals to reach the big goal, that way you can see the progress you are making and you are more likely to keep on going.

Hypnotherapy, CBT & NLP can help you to understand your motivators and start to work with them. You will be amazed at how just understanding your motivators can help you so much.

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Hypnosis can help you get pregnant

I came across this article by Sophie Goodchild from The Independent and thought it was worth sharing with you.

Karen McAuley spent years trying for a second child, although there was no medical reason to stop her conceiving. Then her doctor recommended an unusual remedy - hypnosis - and she became pregnant within months.

Hypnotherapy would once have been put in the same class as black magic as an infertility cure, but the number of women using it to help them conceive has trebled in the past few years, says the British Society of Hypnotherapists.

It is particularly popular with stressed-out career women who leave motherhood until their 30s and then find they cannot conceive. It is also being used by doctors to help women overcome the trauma of in vitro fertilisation treatment.

In some cases, practitioners are treating up to 10 patients a year, compared with only a couple three years ago. They are also reporting up to a 30 per cent success rate, compared with 1 per cent for women suffering from unexplained infertility who eventually conceive without any treatment.

There is no medical proof that hypnotherapy can cure infertility, which now affects one couple in six. However, it does lower stress and anxiety, which can affect hormone levels and create a mental block to conception. Tests have shown that hypnotherapy can lower a woman's levels of a hormone called prolactin which suppress-es ovulation.

In Karen McAuley's case, she is convinced that hypnotherapy increased her chances of conceiving. She was introduced to it by Dr Leslie Brann, her GP and a trained hypnotherapist. He was conducting trials on women who had tried unsuccessfully for a baby. Three months after the second session, she became pregnant with Rebecca, now 22 months old.

"No one can appreciate how it feels," said Mrs McAuley, who is 36. "I felt so depressed, especially as there was no medical reason, and I felt as though I'd been trying my whole life.

"IVF was too expensive and I knew by the time I got to the top of the list, I would probably be too old to have the treatment. I was over the moon when I found out I was pregnant and would definitely recommend it to other women."

Dr Brann believes his treatment, which he claims has a success rate double that of IVF, can work in three ways: by decreasing prolactin levels, stopping tubal spasms, and correcting hormone fluctuation, all of which can be due to stress.

Under hypnosis, he encourages women to go on a "guided tour" of their reproductive system, to check if there are any problems. He said: "Women are putting their careers first and delaying pregnancy, and fertility does decline as you get older. I get a lot of women who have mental blocks to getting pregnant or who have convinced themselves they cannot conceive. They often tell me under hypnosis that they don't see any eggs in their ovaries or that their tubes are too small for the egg to go through. I then try to get them to overcome this 'block'."

Mary Coates, a hypnotherapist who treats both women undergoing IVF and childless women who have no medical reason not to conceive, believes women in their thirties are particularly prone to "mental blocks" towards pregnancy.

"They feel the clock is against them, so panic sets in, which affects their fertility. It's a vicious circle. Almost every woman who comes to me is in that bracket. If you think that stress can stop your periods, just think what else it can do. "If there is a physical reason, then obviously you can't do anything about that, but some women convince themselves that they cannot conceive. This can go on for years. All I do is remove that mental block." The technique is becoming so popular that it has even been adopted by some fertility clinics, including Midland Fertility Services, in Walsall. It is the first clinic in Britain where all the nurses are to receive hypnotherapy training. This is to cope with the huge demand from women undergoing IVF at the clinic, for hypnosis to relax them. So far, three out of 12 patients using hypnosis have become pregnant.

Dr Peter Bromwich, who runs the clinic, agrees that stress can prevent women conceiving. "Studies have shown that women awaiting execution become infertile and women who are stressed are less fertile.

"Even though people associate hypnotherapy with the stage, it is safe and it is not addictive.

"Many women find the strain of fertility treatment is quite horrendous and feel they are losing control. If we can give them back some of that control, we can make treatment better."

When you are trying to conceive it can feel as if nothing in else in the world matters. Hypnotherapy, CBT & NLP can help you to let go of the pressure and help to remove mental blockages whilst refocusing your mind.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Gut Instinct/Intuition and Your Comfort Zone

What is intuition? It is "knowing" something without being able to explain how you came to that conclusion rationally. It's that mysterious "gut feeling" or "instinct" that often turns out to be right, in retrospect. It is that feeling you get like an inner guide telling you which is the right decision for you. You can ignore your inner intuition, your gut feeling, only to later say "I knew I should have done that."

Your subconscious mind “archives” lots of different information that you might not remember on a conscious level. Often you pick up on things subconsciously without even realising, such as someone’s body language or an advert you walk by. Your subconscious registers it as a certain“feeling” that you can’t articulate at that moment but could very well be valid.

Without this intuition, we are no different to a computer. We would only make decisions based on facts, but we don’t always have all the facts. Even some of the world’s great scientists, the most logical thinkers of all time, have made their greatest discoveries based on a flashes of intuition.

Our inner intuition is an extremely powerful tool for us to listen to, but how do you know if your feeling is your inner intuition or nerves as you push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Stepping out of your comfort zone can often feel the same as your gut saying no. Even though it is the right step to take it can feel like your gut is saying no. This is where we need to work with our logical mind and understand if it is our gut speaking or just nervousness as we push the boundaries of our comfort zone.

You can learn to work with your intuition. Here are a few simple ways that you can start to grow your natural ability to judge how you are feeling.

Ask yourself a question and listen to the first answer that pops into your mind. This can be easier said than done as we tend to have several thoughts flooding into our mind at once. There are often lots of different things trying to get your attention. So ask the question and see what is the first thing that comes back - focus on that.

Listen to your gut. There's a reason it's called a "gut feeling": Many times, a decision that you "know" is wrong makes you feel discomfort in your stomach area.

Meditation– Mindfulness. Clearing your mind of thoughts and worries will make it easier for you to listen to your intuition and to think clearly.

Keep an intuition journal. Every day, use your intuition to make a guess about someone or something. Don't act on it, though. Just write it down. Focus on statements like "I have a feeling that..." or "My intuition tells me that..." If there are any sensations associated with your intuition, such as a vision, or physical discomfort, be sure to record it. Looking back in your journal, see how often you are right. As you learn more about how to recognise your intuition, and you see it leading you in the right direction, your confidence will grow and so will your intuitive power.

Hypnotherapy, CBT & NLP can help you to understand your intuition, it can help you to start to work with your gut and to understand when you need to push yourself as your comfort zone grows, and the times when you need to listen to what your gut is telling you.

Try it today and start to realise that more often than not the answer to what you need is within yourself.

© EKTherapies

Monday, 7 May 2012

Stop and Say Thank You!

Happy May Bank Holiday. We are already in the 5th month of 2012; as with every year 2012 is flying by at a healthy pace. This year has had so much focus on it with the Olympics, which is now fast approaching.

It can feel like we are on a constant treadmill - the days, weeks and months pass us by.

Whatever you are doing today take a moment to stop and say thank you. Look at the world around you. You could take a moment to sit on a park bench and breathe in the spring smells in the air. Take a few moments to stop and look at the life that you have created for yourself. Even if you are in the middle of creating a new path for yourself and you feel that it is all an uphill struggle, look at how far you have come. Even if you have only just started your journey realise what an achievement it is to have started it at all. Be grateful for what you have achieved, take it all in, the good bits and the harder bits.

If you really feel that you have nothing to say thank you for, then see if maybe you need to change the life you lead. Find your drive.

Hypnotherapy, CBT & NLP can help you to focus on the positive and enjoy this life for all its wonderful twist and turns. It is so easy to be focused on the negative - to focus on what we don’t have, what we are still striving for - and whilst it is brilliant to have goals and improve ourselves, it is also as important to stop and appreciate the journey along the way. See how far you have come and say thank you for the world that you are in now.

It is so easy to take for granted what we have now, sometimes only if the carpet is whipped form underneath us do we realise just what we had.

So take a moment today to stop and say thank you. I am sure you will be amazed at what you see.

© EKTherapies