Monday, 1 August 2011

James Cracknell

I am not one to normally preach about things or tell people what to do, but I had to blog about this amazing video by James Cracknell.

I am sure many of you have heard about James Cracknell but just in case, he was born 5 May 1972 and has an OBE, he is a British rowing champion and double Olympic gold medalist. Last year he was undertaking one of his many challenging adventures when he had a life-threatening accident. James was taking part in Race Across America, a grueling 3000 miles of cycling and running across 12 states and climb over 170,000 vertical feet in a maximum of 12 days.

Here is his story...

“Today (20th July) is the anniversary of the accident I suffered whilst cycling in America. I was hit on the back of the head by a fuel truck travelling at 75mph along the Arizona desert plains (I know - that sort of stuff only normally happens in Road Runner cartoons). Bev and my parents were called to the hospital whilst I was unconscious. Despite a massive crack down the back of my head (25 staples took care of that) and significant bleeding to the frontal lobes of my brain, I am here to tell the tale. There is only one reason for that: my cycle helmet. It saved my life.I’ve put together a short film encouraging people to wear cycle helmets. Everyone gave their time, skills and facilities free of charge. Cycling is good for the planet and it’s good for us; leaving your head (or your children’s) vulnerable to a pavement, lamp-post, car or wing-mirror is not.

Shockingly the last survey revealed that only about 18% of British children and 35% of adults wear helmets, yet it is such a simple thing to do.I have no commercial relationship with a helmet manufacturer or retailer; no reason to bang on about this other than a desire to stop any other cyclist – and their loved ones – experiencing a year like mine.Please, please watch this video and to show your support by passing the link to your friends as well as followers on Twitter and Facebook. There is no agenda. I want wearing a bike helmet to become as normal as clunk-clicking your seat-belt on.

With Thanks, James Cracknell” form James Cracknell’s blog

I had to pass on his message. James Cracknell has an amazing amount of focus and mental determination to fulfil his goals. I have watched him undertake his various challenges and both the physical and mental strength he shows is incredible and inspiring. Hypnotherapy, CBT & NLP can help you to train your mind and find your motivation so that you can improve your focus and determination. James has this not only from learned behaviour but also has a natural ability to be extremely driven.

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