Monday, 16 May 2011

How to be Happy

Do you know how to be happy or are you waiting for happiness to find you? Would you recognise if you were happy or would you focus on the next goal? To be happy isn’t something that happens to you without intervention, it is something that you can make happen to you; it is a state of mind. So what are you waiting for? Start discovering today how to be happy, to enjoy life and to appreciate what you have.

Be realistic

Nobody is happy all the time. Life is a wonderful roller-coaster and we need the highs and the lows to feel challenged, to learn and to appreciate the good times. If we didn’t embrace life’s challenges we would never have learned to walk, we would have just given up and crawled our whole life. Be kind on yourself, when you are having a ‘bad’ or hard day then learn from it and strive to make the next day a happier one. Forgive yourself for having an ‘off’ day rather than berating yourself.

Be in the moment

Stop, breathe and enjoy! Be in the moment, don’t think about what happened yesterday or what is about to happen or what needs to be done. Just be! When you walk somewhere look around at where you are, try and see a different thing every day. Spend time every day just living life for today, having an idea of where you are heading but enjoying now.

Realise your achievements

We are so good at striving for our goals; we work towards certain things, dreaming of how life will be when we reach our goal. Then we achieve it and rather than basking in our wonderful achievement we move onto the next goal. Appreciate what you have; appreciate what you have achieved. Be grateful for what you have in your life, try not to take what you have for granted. Stop and ask yourself, if someone told me I would be here last year how would I feel. The chances are that you have made some amazing steps in the year. So appreciate them every day. The more you focus on the good you have the happier you will become.

These three steps will help you to be happier. Life is ever changing and adapting and we seem to have forgotten how to just be and enjoy being. Being positive, letting go of stress, managing your time and being a happy person is something we can all learn. Hypnotherapy, CBT & NLP can teach you these tools, teaching you techniques to let go of any fears or stresses and be a happier, more carefree person enjoying life.

To find out more about how Hypnotherapy, NLP & CBT can help you to realise your potential please contact Erika for a no-obligation chat.

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